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Living alone at 80

Determinedly independent, Mrs Spencer lives alone in a rural village with her two dogs. More recently, Mrs Spencer has been seeing more of her GP than she would like.  She is on several medications and she has been referred to hospital. Her health plays on her mind. She shops weekly, driving to the store rather than shopping online as she prefers to see what she is buying.  Dismissing Mrs Spencer as too old to use a computer would be a mistake though.  She has a computer, an iPad and a smart phone. Customers for her ironing service often get an email to

Watching her weight and feeding young children

Janine and Steve have two pre-school children. Janine has a part time job and Steve works full time with a long commute. Family life is hectic, and Janine shops online for convenience. She is managing multiple priorities, convenience for her and Steve, maximising her budget, keeping an eye on her weight and is determined that the children eat well to get the best start in life.  Janine was able to breast feed both her children and is now weaning the youngest. Trying to navigate the families multiple priorities is hard work.  Janine would value extra help and trusted nutritional advice.  Steve

Managing Diet and Medicines

Francis shops weekly for her and Tom her husband of over 50 years.  She likes to see what she is buying and tends to buys items that have been family favourites for decades including plenty of fresh vegetables.  Francis and Tom have enjoyed good health and an active retirement playing golf weekly. The couple take the common mediations for the chronic diseases of aging, a statin for cholesterol management, a blood pressure medication and Tom also takes warfarin for atrial fibrillation a condition effecting about 10% of the over 65s.  Francis was upset to learn that the dark green vegetables