Simple Engagement Proposition:

“swap for better health!”


Bring together the world's scientific and nutrition knowledge

on your phone

From the most trusted scientific, clinical and dietary sources

we have included

500,000 drug-drug interactions
10,000 drug-disease interactions
2,000 drug-food interactions
ingredients in 185,000 food products
and the effects of combining these factors for an individual

and compiled all of this knowledge into the HealthySwaps app

HealthySwaps brings together ingredient information on food stuffs, a complete list of drug:drug and drug:food interactions and peer reviewed nutritional advice.  HealthySwaps enables you to build a trusted relationship with your customers, sharing relevant information about food choices and suggest better alternatives that improve health.
HealthySwaps suggests small changes to your customers’ shopping baskets and explains why the change makes sense for them. If customers choose to swap  you can award SwapPoints.  SwapPoints become a loyalty mechanism enabling you to deliver offers the are tailored to the customers health and lifestyle goals.

Setup your Profile

Set up all the members of your household with their health goals and any medications and disease diagnoses


All personal data is only ever stored encrypted on the customers’ own phone or tablet*
lifestyle profiles – lose weight
nutrition goals – eat less sugar
personalize with diagnoses
personalize with medications


The user can remotely delete all data if a device is lost/sold or transfer it between devices using the secure user portal

Check a Food Item

At home, in an online basket or in-store


Provides clear and easy to follow traffic light feedback:

Red – Avoid, not good for you
Amber – Careful, OK in moderation
Green – Good for a healthy diet


Understand what the issue is, and get a suggested swap personalized to be OK for you:

why is this no good for me?
what should I eat instead?

Choose to Swap

Earn rewards while making small changes for better health

Engage on Health

Win SwapPoints for swapping
Lose SwapPoints for not swapping

Get bonus SwapPoints for reaching health goals

Trade SwapPoints for incentives

Design a range of “All Good” offers and promotions, based on retailer’s priorities, which will be filtered by the customer’s HealthySwaps app so they only get healthy choices for them delivered

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MASTER_CMYK_TRANSPARENTTo find out more about the underlying data science and analytics that power HealthySwaps, please visit the RowAnalytics website.