A Uniquely Personalized Customer Engagement Platform…

HealthySwaps moves retailers beyond broad cohort approaches based upon big data analysis of customers’ transaction data.  Using HealthySwaps you can deliver a personally configured shopping experience that guides them via their established shopping behavior to make purchasing choices that are consistent with their health and lifestyle goals.  HealthySwaps works in store, online and at home.

HealthySwaps enables the retailer to become a trusted partner in improving customers’ health and allows customer engagement and incentive programmes to move beyond product discounts to thoughtful and beneficial personalized offers.

 Increase Your Customer Loyalty Now!

HealthySwaps provides uniquely personalized advice, offers and rewards to their customers to help them choose products that are consistent with their personal and family health and lifestyle goals, such as:

  • avoiding foods rich in problematic ingredients such as Vitamin K
  • lowering overall GI balance
  • increasing folic acid consumption, or
  • avoiding saturated fats

Using its powerful scientific, clinical and nutrition knowledge bases, HealthySwaps even works with complex customers who may be taking multiple medications for chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

As a retailer, you don’t need to see or store your customers’ personal health & lifestyle data in order to support their goals – HealthySwaps customers are guaranteed privacy as all their personal information always remains securely on their own smartphone or tablet.

With HealthySwaps, retailers can:

  • Build trusted relationships with individual customers and families
  • Drive adoption of new products – showcasing those consistent with a customer’s lifestyle and health goals
  • Meet CSR goals – becoming an active partner in your community’s health
  • Build incentives and loyalty programs around health issues that matter to your customers
  • Provide information on why one product is better than another for each customer