Determinedly independent, Mrs Spencer lives alone in a rural village with her two dogs. More recently, Mrs Spencer has been seeing more of her GP than she would like.  She is on several medications and she has been referred to hospital. Her health plays on her mind.

She shops weekly, driving to the store rather than shopping online as she prefers to see what she is buying.  Dismissing Mrs Spencer as too old to use a computer would be a mistake though.  She has a computer, an iPad and a smart phone. Customers for her ironing service often get an email to let them their ironing is ready for collection!

I am anxious about my health.  I don’t want to give up my home and I wonder what will happen to the dogs after I am gone.  

Mrs Spencer cares about…

  • her health
  • remembering to take her medicines
  • being able to open the food that she has bought
  • not wasting food, so she prefers smaller packs
  • living her life on her own terms – independently

With HealthySwaps, you can…

  • suggest foods that do not interact with Mrs Spencer’s medications
  • explain why certain foods are better for Mrs Spencer
  • help Mrs Spencer feel better about her health
  • offer promotions for foods and supplements consistent with her health status
  • become a trusted, discreet and valued partner in her health management