Francis shops weekly for her and Tom her husband of over 50 years.  She likes to see what she is buying and tends to buys items that have been family favourites for decades including plenty of fresh vegetables.  Francis and Tom have enjoyed good health and an active retirement playing golf weekly.

The couple take the common mediations for the chronic diseases of aging, a statin for cholesterol management, a blood pressure medication and Tom also takes warfarin for atrial fibrillation a condition effecting about 10% of the over 65s.  Francis was upset to learn that the dark green vegetables – cabbage, broccoli and watercress – made Tom’s warfarin less effective.  She felt that this information should be more available.  She was happy to buy butternut squash, sweet potatoes and other vegetables that were lower in vitamin K.

Francis realises that her shopping habits should change as they get older but wonders how she can find out more.

“I realise that I need to think differently and change some of what we eat to make our medicines more effective.

I was shocked that broccoli would interact with warfarin. I just don’t know where to find this information.  I just assumed that green vegetables and food like liver would always be good for us.”

Tom and Francis care about

  • Staying fit and healthy
  • Actively doing everything they can to look after their health
  • Not going into hospital
  • Understanding more about how their diet affects their drugs

Help Tom and Francis using HealthySwaps by

  • sending offers for foods that do not adversely affect their medicines
  • alerting Francis to food choices that may cause them problems
  • make alternative suggestions to familiar foods that Francis and Tom now wish to avoid
  • Explain the health benefits from making a few small changes to their diet
  • Helping them minimise the side effects of multiple medicines so that they feel good