Janine and Steve have two pre-school children. Janine has a part time job and Steve works full time with a long commute. Family life is hectic, and Janine shops online for convenience. She is managing multiple priorities, convenience for her and Steve, maximising her budget, keeping an eye on her weight and is determined that the children eat well to get the best start in life.  Janine was able to breast feed both her children and is now weaning the youngest.

Trying to navigate the families multiple priorities is hard work.  Janine would value extra help and trusted nutritional advice.  Steve and Janine’s eldest suffers from eczema and Janine suspects that her diet may be involved.

We are not badly off, money matters but not as much as making sure the children get the best start in life

Janine cares about

  • Her children’s diet and health
  • Her eldest child’s eczema
  • Managing a budget
  • Convenience for midweek dinners
  • Watching her weight

With HealthySwaps you can help Janine

  • suggest low fat options for Janine and Steve
  • explain why full fat milk is best for her youngest child
  • alert Janine to food choices that are known to exacerbate childhood eczema
  • help her save money in ways consistent with feeding a young family well
  • help Janine to easily prioritize healthy eating advice for each member of the household