Woman shopping in supermarket confused by choice

What Do Your Customers Want?

Independent customer surveys have identified the key desires and concerns that impact customer loyalty and experience:

  • Greater personalization of their shopping experience
  • Trusted help with health, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Better opportunities to use technology to shop smarter, even when it’s not online
  • Managing customers’ trust and privacy as loyalty programmes evolve


Built from the most trusted scientific, clinical and dietary data sources

Comprehensive Drug:Food Database

HealthySwaps mines the most trusted scientific, clinical & dietary data sources to identify hundreds of thousands of interactions that could affect your customers’ health


Providing personalized dietary, lifestyle and health advice to each of your customers

Individual, Personalized Advice for Everyone

HealthySwaps gives each of your customers the personalized advice they need to optimize their health and shows them how to achieve their lifestyle goals


A new level of security for customers' personal data - it never leaves their phone

Absolute Customer Privacy

With HealthySwaps, customers’ personal data is always totally under their own control – it never leaves their phone or tablet, and is fully encrypted with two factor authentication